A plastic wood bog/fillers can be easily made from course sawdust and/or small soft electric planer wood shavings from non oily timbers this can be a easy, cheap and a strong form of filler, make sure you add the catalyst to the resin first and mix quick and well then add the sawdust this type of filler is best glassed over but not totally necessary depending on the application.

You can add some talc powder (Industrial Talc Powder not the home stuff) to the mix if you want to aid in the binding effect .

Always sand and wet the hole or section with a little catalyzed resin before you fill as this will give a much better bond, great for fiberglass or wood, experiment first to make sure of your resin to catalyst mix gelling/hardening times, even add the sawdust to see for sure it’s will do the job as expected.

Car body bog/fillers is good for quick tack holding of small or medium sized fiberglass panels that need to be held in place, this makes it easier to glass the panels together without them moving around.

If you cannot buy or find Gorilla hair filler you can make one similar to this by cutting up some fiberglass cms (chop strand mat) mat into 10mm or so small pieces and pull it apart into fragments until you have more than enough to do your job or you can buy in 500gm to 1 kilo bags from a fiberglass supplier it’s not usually too expensive.

Then add it to your resin (waxed) and mix in a gel like paste but wet and catalyze before use and mix well (as usual you should see a change of color all through.

Don’t use cardboard or absorbent panels to mix your fillers on as these can take in contaminates and moisture as well as taking out some of your resin and catalyst.

A straight bog can be easily made from from Commercial Talc powder and polyester resin, resin this bog is usually used as a bedding material for setting hull bearers in place to fill any air spaces up etc, one can also add chopped up cms to it to give much better strength.

If using to embed bearers etc and it will be glassed over do not use waxed resin for your bog mix as the glass will not stick and be a weak spot in your laminate build, do not also use Consumer or retail Talc powder as these contain perfumes and/or oils etc as this is a no no in fiber-glassing!






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