How to make your own carbon car bonnet, boot lid or panel – part 1



These guys from easycompsites make a fantastic job of showing us how to make ourselves a carbon car bonnet, this is a step by step guide in three parts using our own bonnet.

If you have never tackled a carbon fiber bonnet and/or have not used carbon fiber before I would suggest doing a couple of small parts first, as carbon is quite expensive and a car bonnet will require a few layers to complete so a finished car bonnet or panel can be very expensive to make and would be a shame to mess it up on a first attempt.

If your are looking to making your car bonnet or panel light and very strong for like racing where weight is a concern you could just use carbon fiber.

If your wanting the looks, save money, still want carbon fiber but still need it strong, go with a layer of carbon followed up by fiberglass mat.

Don’t want to use carbon fiber?

But love the look? You can do this, make up your fiberglass bonnet and put over the top a carbon fiber vinyl from 3M or from super cheap auto other auto shops sell also but vinyl can be expensive as well, or just put the carbon fiber over your original metal bonnet or panel for a cool look.






Part 2 and Part 3 will be on separate pages to enable faster loading.