Carbon Fiber Parts

How to Make your own part.



Carbon fiber, sadly I must admit having never used it for any repairs or building anything with it and yet although expensive would be one of the most lightest, strongest and decorative fibers to use, carbon fiber is on its own.

Being mostly black in its fiber form it creates a beautiful pattern to a finished article, specially when used in a mold using clear resins that gives it that WOW look when it’s finished.

With quite a few top end car manufacturers now using more of this in their cars not just because it has the inquisitive look but for its weight to strength ratio in their chassis.

Car manufacturers like BMW, Maserati, Ford and so many more (and yes I did get it right good ol Ford) are opting for this fiber even if it’s for highlights to the interiors, it certainly makes a statement, why? because it’s different (and expensive).

Well not to be out done, we too can have those door inserts, gear knob, steering wheel button panels or dash panels in carbon fiber as well.

So, check out the video below to give you and your creativeness a insight and inspiration for your next project!





You can of course buy your carbon fiber materials from any Fiberglass supplier in your city/town that deals mostly in fiberglass products, because of its cost most smaller outlets like hardware, car accessory stores etc. may not keep it, but should have the ability to order it for you although may be more of a expensive option.