“fiberglass repair tips covering everything from ……

• Bogs and fillers….. • Left overs and recycling….. • Spray painting….. • Gel coat….. • Foam… • Boat deck textures….. • Canopy textures 4WD utility, utes…..


and much much more !! “

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You know when we start something new like learning the computer, doing mechanical work on our car, gardening or doing fiberglass repairs ect. it would be good to know if there were any little tricks or a hint to make the job easier or to help us from falling into those little or sometimes big sandpits!!

Here we will have selections on ideas and all sorts of other hints and tips on painting, spray painting, boat deck finishes non-skid, how to bring back shapes easily in partly missing fiberglass panels, sections, damage guards, fairings ect.

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Fiberglass repair tips Recycling paint thinners.




With this selection on fiberglass repair hints and tips you will have an opportunity to add your own fiberglass repair tip/hint or your experience with fiberglass materials on how and what works for you!!



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