fibreglass 14'6" Belboy centre console fiberglass Welcome to diy fibreglass repair, the web site I have designed with you in mind.

For the person wanting to get a better understanding of fibreglass repair, modifications, construction and associated products commonly used in the GRP industry.

Hi !, my name is Dwight Dellow.

You know over all the 32 years doing fiberglass work, I have had an increasing number of people wanting to know how /and if they can succeed at doing their own work and for a lot of people the answer would be yes!

Like many trades, fibreglass repair is a skill, and a skill is something we learn and of course with learning we can learn correctly or incorrectly depending on the information given or heard.

What I will share with you here on this site is the basics, through to more advanced, doing repairs, modifications and construction work on many different projects.

Having a lifetime background with boats and 32 years of being in business within the fibreglass industry, there is not too much I have not made, repaired or re-built, from boats, cars, trucks, 4×4 /RVS, race cars and all sorts of things in between!

I have done fibreglass work for many companies and businesses from abattoirs, boat yards, car yards, dept of primary industries, dept of defence, insurances, universities and so on.

With the increasing cost of living many people are opting for a second hand boat (as an example) instead of a new one.

In saying that, most of us (including me) love a bargain but sometimes, more than not, a bargain can come at a price, and the price is usually brought about by our emotions.

Sometimes we see something so good we just have to have it, but only to find out down the track that structurally it wasn’t as good as it looked!

Without consulting someone who knows what to look for, you run the risk of expensive repairs/ replacements, unless of course you’re prepared to do the work yourself and know what you’re doing!

I will cover this and much more under Buying secondhand fibreglass boats.

There are sometimes many ways of doing fibreglass repairs and replacement. You will see or hear of different ways of doing them, one way might be harder, one way might be easier but the bottom line of good repair is in the preparation.

Without good preparation the repair, finish coat or whatever else will most likely fail!

So, with this in mind I will share with you proven ways that work and are used by most professional repairers here in Australia.

I hope we can bring out that creative spirit that is lying beneath waiting to be inspired to finally getting out that car, boat or whatever and having a go at fixing it!

Regards to All and happy fiberglassing ! 🙂

Dwight Dellow


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