Here we have some great links that I like and hope that you will find interesting and helpful also, we have done business with quite a few of them over the years and they are great guys and very helpful too. THESE ARE NOT AFFILIATE LINKS.

We will take you from fiberglass suppliers to fasteners and more that are here in Australia and the US,  if you are from another country there are connections to yellow pages there and if your country is not listed you may need to look up your yellow pages or directory in your area to find what you are looking for.

Some links may have AU or US after the name.
AU is Australia, US is U.S.A


Fiberglass supplies


Epoxy Resins


2Pac Paints and supplies
(including automotive)


Foams and Cores


Latex, Silicone molding, clays and components


Marine ply


Cleaners and Polishes






Boat chandlers


Boats for sale or buy


Acrylic windscreens glass and boat seat manufactures




Cars-Hot rods-Muscle


Model boats, cars and planes


Outboard/inboard motor manuals and parts


Trailers and parts 


Connections to Global Sites

2pac and single pac paints




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United Kingdom


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