Resin Infusion of a 3 meter dingy using Ciject equipment.


Resin infusion and vacuum bagging has been around for many years now and is a much cleaner way of fiberglassing up a boat mold in particular and is pretty cost effective.

In the bottom video we can see a 3 meter (10′) dingy being prepared for resin infusion, in a nutshell once the mold has been waxed and polished and the gel coat brushed or sprayed in and it sets up, it’s time to put in the required fiberglass mats and fabrics (and there’s no resin mixed up or chopper/wet out guns and guy’s busy rolling out the mat and air bubbles!).

This type of boat building is quite docile compared to the above and lends itself to most resin systems like polyester, vinylester, epoxy and other resin systems.

Once the fabrics and/or cores are in place it’s time to install the pipework, flow mesh etc to allow the resin to be injected and infused through the mats etc, vacuum pipework is laid in to allow a vacuum to be applied pulling resin through and air out to insure an air bubble free environment and tight laminate.

A release film is applied and is taped down followed by a vacuum bag and sealed down to make sure there are no leaks and made air tight to insure the vacuum process does it’s job.

Once the resin infusion has cured up it’s time to start pulling off the vacuum bag and all the other pipe work and films applied early, boats built this way are lighter, stronger, and with a uniform laminate thickness and finish.

For me I have done quite afew boat mold and surf ski layups and there is quite a lot of resin mixing involved and always on a time schedule, sure there are resin wet out guns, chopper guns but hey both these can be messy in non skilled hands and not forget with chopper guns it is easy to apply too much laminate and not enough in some areas.

But everybody to their own and not forget messy gloves if not hands and usually drips and drabs over the floor with hand layups, a resin infusion and vacuum system is so much cleaner, in fact you have little to no touching of resins, it is pretty much a dry system.

By the way this video was recorded without sound, but has caption text.






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